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The Kiwi's TaleWitchBlasterDerelict Blow Stuff Up

Earok 2011 Collection: Individual re-releases

All of the games in the Earok 2011 collection have been re-released individually. They're identical to the versions in the previous released collections, except for a few tweaks for misc issues that arose during Overload.

  • Blow Stuff Up: Enemy jets are easier to shoot down, crashing bug on two player mode has been fixed.
  • Derelict: Fancy new skybox, co-operative mode glitch on levels 13 and 14 has been fixed. Also the level editor is once again bundled.
  • Firestart: Fancy new skybox, misc tweaks.
  • Heart of Ice: PC downloadable version, as well as Flash and HTML5 versions are available.
  • The Kiwi's Tale: Two player mode look up and down is working.
  • WitchBlaster: Cloak spell no longer stops all enemies shooting in two player mode.