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Overload: Day 2

Overload is now, well, over. I had a great time, but I'm glad it's all over with. Totally drained

Today also started with bit of a disaster, although not quite as stressful as yesterday's fiasco. I forgot to pack both VGA cable and an XBox 360 controller, so I needed to race back home to collect them before it was opened to the public.

I think the event wasn't quite as well attended as yesterday's, I had to cut the price of the games to keep them selling. I think I did OK overall, though I certainly didn't break even (Note to self: Budget for a $5 a unit price point if I do this again) and most of what I made went straight back into buying art. I spent a bit more on A3 and A4 prints as well, including some signed photos of Yuri Inaba cosplaying as various characters. Today she was dressed up for awhile as Yoko from Gurren Lagann - hottt. Unfortunately there wasn't as many artist tables as last time, due to the room next door being reconfigured for the panels.

The panel that I was on (on how to get into game development) went well, though I was neither as well spoken nor as interesting as the other two attendees. On my left was Jonathan Rogers who is working on the Path of Exile team, and on my right was Mike Porter (formerly of FASA, Microsoft Aces, 3D Realms et al). Many of the questions asked by the audience were specifically about employment in the games industry, and unfortunately I'm neither an employer or employee in the industry!

Anthony and Sergio again did a great job marketing the games to the public. Sergio set up some of his various games on the laptop. Some of them were very inventive, with interesting graphics and gameplay mechanics I haven't seen before (I'm pretty sure Sergio's the only one who has ever made a game where you have to kill beetles with a shadow).

I know this is bit of a ramble but I can't really think of what else to say. Well, back to normality!