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The best Nintendo ads in the world ever

Gosh, it's been awhile. I seem to be developing a tradition of posting lists on this site, and I'm certainly not going to break that tradition with today's post. Nintendo has always been about pure fun. Right from when they started as a playing card company through their phase in the smutty hotel business and to the video games era of today. They've never let things like good graphics, FMV cutscenes or decent controllers stand in the way of delivering unique entertainment to the masses. This spirit of fun is reflected in their ads, which vary from hilarious to downright disturbing. This is a list of ads which I feel are their very finest.

5: Super Mario 64

Technically this isn't an ad for the game, but rather one of those Government propaganda type things promoting good health by drinking milk. Its classic how that kid keeps trying to kill Mario.

4: Mario Kart DS

Hot Mario? The title at the start says it all. This truly bizarre ad demonstrates what happens when the Japanese have a go at making stereotypes..

3: Legend of Zelda SNES

This is exactly how Shigeru Miyamoto should have made the original Legend of Zelda. A cross between Michael Jackson's Thriller video and a junior high school production of Peter Pan. That would have been the greatest game ever.

2: Super Smash Brothers 64

Super Smash Brothers was the 5th top selling N64 game ever, despite coming so late in the consoles life cycle, and with an ad like this it's not hard to see why. I love it how Mario kicks Yoshi in the shins.

1: Gameboy Micro

Apparently this ad only ever aired in Canada.. and.. yeah.. thats probably not too surprising. I won't ruin this ad for you, you'll just have to watch it to find out what happens.