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Indie Game: The Movie

This is going to be pretty brief since I'm not a film reviewer!

I got to attend the New Zealand premier of Indie Game: The Movie yesterday. Overall I thought it was pretty good.

The documentary covers the post-mortem of Braid, the release of Super Meat Boy and the ongoing development of Fez, featuring interviews with the primary developers. The weakness of the film seems to be that there's very little in the way of technical details presented (which some of the game developers in attendance would have liked to have seen more of, though I know that making it more technical would have made it less likely to succeed with the mainstream).

That said, I really appreciated the film's focus on the people involved with indie game development. I could really relate to the hell they went through and the passion they had for their development, though I haven't experienced either to nearly the same level (for example my game development hobby has certainly caused annoyance within my relationships, though definitely not as much friction as the film suggests the subjects experienced!).

It's given me some reassurance that game development, especially personal game development, is worth it in the end and I think it's going to help motivate me (and an awful lot of other game developers) to seriously get back into it.