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September Auckland Game Developers Meetup

Yesterday it was the September Auckland Game Developers Meetup, this time with an iPhone theme. The topics were:

  • Ryan Thatcher from Star Kiwi discussed his new iPhone game, Space Hawk. It's essentially an old-school top-down shooter, rendered in the 3D Unity engine but played on a 2D plane. Looks quite interesting actually, and it sounds like the engine that they've crafted can easily be expanded for a much broader sequel. (Random bit of trivia - The music was made by Thinkt Studios, who also donated the music for WitchBlaster)
  • Danushka Abeysuriya from Rush Digital Interactive gave an extremely technical description of the various iPhone GPUs. I found certain parts of the talk interesting, such as the suggestion that 3D performance on the iPhone 3GS is superior to the iPhone 4 and the iPad (Due to similar GPU's but the fact that the iOS4 devices need to render 5 times as many pixels!), and the fact that the iPhone renders tile-by-tile rather than line-by-line, but much of the talk was way way over my head!
  • Trevor Gamon from Auckland's new Gameloft Studio gave a talk on the history of Gameloft, his personal experience in the games industry (Such as working on Sudeki) and the cornerstones of his game development philosophy (Which I can't remember! Sorry!). Something I found interesting was Trevor's very very early history involved Anirog, who made the most difficult flight sim I have ever played, Flight Path 737!

Also, even though it wasn't officially part of the line up, we got a peak at a new video of the upcoming Primal Carnage (Basically Left4Dinos) coutesy of team member Hamish Bode.