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30 days of me, day 1

A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts

This was a photo taken today with Kirsty's new camera. How much more recent can you get? The answer is none more recent.

Here are the facts:

  1. Has lived in numerous towns and cities in New Zealand. Blackball, Rununga, Hannah's Clearing, Haast, Lawrence, Oban (Stewart Island), Tokanui, Cobden, Greymouth, Auckland.
  2. Politically a moderate Libertarian.
  3. Religiously a protestant Christian, though without a denomination I can theologically identify with.
  4. Is probably Dyspraxic. Though I was never officially diagnosed I seem to match nearly every sign.
  5. Has collected autographs from at least four people I admire: Ace Pilot Chuck Yeager, Bond film actor Roger Moore, Highlander TV and film actor Adrian Paul, anime voice actor Crispin Freeman.
  6. Indie game developer that has had work published in NZ PC World and displayed on free-to-air TV.
  7. Has been with my wonderful partner since January 1st, 2008.
  8. Has been an Aucklander since September 11th, 2005.
  9. Wrote a novel in a month for NaNoWriMo, 2009 
  10. Wrote a screenplay in a month for ScriptFrenzy, 2010
  11. Has jumped off the tallest building in New Zealand three times.
  12. Was a student at Tai Poutini Polytechnic from 2002-2003 and a staff member there ever since. 
  13. Scottish/Irish heritage with a small portion of Maori blood.
  14. My namesake is my 92 year old Swedish step-grandfather. 
  15. Nearly destroyed my Dad's then $3,000 C64 by spilling Milo through it.