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30 days of me, day 11

Another picture of you and your friends


This a picture taken during our awesome trip to the world Bookcrossing convention in Christchurch, which I've stolen from Kirsty's blog. (If you weren't already aware, Bookcrossing is a vast left wing conspiracy to indoctrinate the masses through subliminal messages left in abandoned books worldwide).

From left to right:

  • Kevin, fellow techno-geek and book-lover from Australia.
  • Jay, Kirsty's BBFF (Best Bookcrossing Friend Forever). Wonderful person who we both get on with very well.
  • That's my Kirsty :)
  • And that's me, looking as unphotogenic as ever. I think those were my first pair of Chuck Taylors.
  • Pete, true blue Aussie Taxi driver and travel writer. Always cheerful and very¬†generous.
  • Janice, who was down from the UK for the convention. Lovely person, very friendly.