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30 days of me, day 18

Plans/Dreams/Goals you have

On the 11th of May, 2007, I wrote down the three overall goals that I considered to be my ultimate objectives. They're still on four pieces of bluetack stuck to my bedroom wall after all this time. I thought it might be useful to discuss them here and how things have changed since then.


1. Create a production that touches and changes lives

In hindsight this was rather dumb. I'm not really sure why I thought having an emotional effect was important, just making stuff people like is enough. Just an ego thing I guess.

If I were to re-write this list today, I'd change it to something like "Make something really cool."


2. Start a family with the woman who understands me

At the time I never really had much luck with girlfriends, finding one that could tolerate my eccentricities seemed to be an impossible task, and one I had prayed about many a time.

It was barely six months after writing the list that I hooked up with Kirsty, and it's been a great nearly three years.. so far. It really does feel like I've somehow managed to find the one woman that can understand me (Well, at least I think she does!)


3. Do all that my Lord requires me to do

This is one I haven't made any progress on. I don't really know what my "purpose" is, if any. I'd actually be satisfied with life if I had no real purpose and just continued living as I have been.

If I do have a purpose, I'm here and listening.