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Blog bits

1. My partner Kirsty is now an Auntie!

Her sister gave birth to her first child on Monday the 24th. Both Mother and Daughter are doing well. Kirsty insists this somehow this makes me an Uncle, but I'm deeply skeptical of this!

2. 48 Hours of DooM Marathon

Matthew Gatland (previously interviewed on this blog) and some of his mates ran a DooM Marathon, playing through DooMs I through III and Quakes I, II and IV within the space of last weekend. This was a charity event set up to raise money for Child's Play. They had a live stream going and I was able to watch them briefly during their Quake II run. There's more info on the event here.

3. I got Roger Moore's autograph last Friday!

He signed my copy of his book My word is my Bond during his worldwide book promotion tour. I have mixed feelings about Roger Moore's time as Bond, he was never credible as a secret agent and his films were light hearted and wildly implausible, but some of them that I disliked when I first saw them (especially Moonraker) are now growing on me and I look back on them fondly.

Especially since we've now had years of dark, gritty Bond thrillers staring Dalton, Brosnan and Craig! Roger Moore himself was always great, probably smoother and funnier then any other Bond, and his modern day work for UNICEF is highly admirable. Kirsty and I will be going to see Quantum of Solace tonight.

4. More Acer Laptop Woes!

The same Acer Laptop that I complained about numerous times before went into servicing again. The power-pin on it broke somehow (Which I presume must be incredibly flimsy since neither Kirsty or I were rough with it) and since that isn't covered under warranty, I had to shell out approx $125US for it. Still, their repair was done in well under a week (Compared with about 46 days last time) and since the repair cost is a lot lower then buying a new laptop with similar specs I guess it was worth it. There's also some sentimental value attached to it since I used it to create nearly all of Derelict. Hopefully it'll behave itself now or I'll make some more angry blog posts!

5. The Retro Remakes competition is over soon

The upload slots have already opened, and the competition entries should be available on or slightly after the 13th of December. I can't wait! The other AGW guys and I will have the Kiwi's Tale final beta version up this Sunday. Stay tuned.