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Earok the Troll

The other day I had a poke around the "Playmaker NZ" forums at, it's a new community portal for New Zealand game developers (a successor to the more or less dead forums at the NZGDA).

I noticed that the FAQ of the Design forum stated that it was the place where "Make my MMORPG" requests are to be posted, so for bit of a laugh I decided to write one. It was based in part on some forum posts I read from time to time (such as

The post I made is at

However, Playmaker's administrator took my tongue-in-cheek humour to be a deliberate troll (my intention was to amuse, not to annoy) and he knew my site had been taken down earlier this month so he drew the conclusion that the hacker got hold of my email, logged in with the credentials I had been sent and made that post. Now I can't log in any more!

I'm finding the whole thing hilarious. I haven't been accused of trolling since I was making dumb comments on the Perfect Dark forums at the age of 16!