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Thoughts on increasing Government revenue

My thoughts on how to increase Government revenue without increasing debt, inflation, taxation or nationalising anything.

  1. Establish a website that allows easy donations to the Government from both individuals and corporates. (Note: Some countries do currently allow direct donations to public debt, but few people know this).
  2. Allow donators to earmark exactly what their donations are used for, be it the military, education system, healthcare system and so on.
  3. Allow the donators to, with their consent, have their name and amount published.
  4. Make it extremely easy to view granular "High Score" tables from the site. For instance, it should be easy to view the top ten individual donators for Veteran's Benefits from Sacremento, California.
  5. Apply pressure. For instance, arrange a boycott of purchasing cars from Ford if they donate less to the Environmental Protection Agency than GM does, and vice versa. At a lower level, brag to your neighbours if you're the biggest donator in the local community.
  6. Profit.