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U.N. Amendment on LGBT rights

I don't normally post on politics, but I was so incensed by a recent vote by the U.N. to remove sexual orientation from their list of reasons to not execute someone (passing by 79-70) that I felt compelled to produce this map.

Nations that voted for the measure are highlighted in red. Nations that voted against the measure are highlighted in blue. Nations that didn't vote either way (Abstained, Absent, not part of the U.N.) are left as the default grey. IMO I think it's a pretty good depiction of the free world and the enslaved one. Just some thoughts:

  • I can only hope the EU never lets Turkey join until they stand up for LGBT rights.
  • However at least they didn't vote for the amendment, like Russia did. Looks like they have well and truly regressed back to the barbaric days of the USSR.
  • Disappointed to see South Africa on the list of those who voted for it. The liberal dream of the post apartheid era seems to be dead.
  • There also isn't a single African nation that voted against the amendment.
  • And there isn't a single Middle Eastern nation that voted against it either, except for the "oh so evil" Israel.
  • Every nation in North America, plus most in Central and South America (excluding the Caribbean) voted against it.
  • Asia/Pacific seems to be a pretty mixed bag. Glad to see the Indian Subcontinent generally voted against the amendment.
  • My belief that the Peoples Republic of China is untrustworthy was reinforced.
  • Recent actions by Fidel and Raul Castro made me believe that Cuba was finally turning it's back on homophobia. I guess I was wrong.
  • Surprised, but very glad to see Venezuela broke ranks with Cuba and Russia to vote against the amendment. My contempt for Hugo Chavez's government dropped marginally.
  • I can't say I am at all surprised to see Kazakhstan voted for the measure. Sasha Baron Cohen's satire appears to be justified.