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Battlesuit NaGaDeMo Dev Diary: Day Minus Three

As stated in my last entry, my NaGaDeMo entry is going to be Battlesuit. Except due to the month-long deadline, I'm tossing out the idea of making it as a First Person Shooter. Instead I'm making it a "light" turn based tactics game along the lines of Advance Wars/Super Robot Wars/Panzer General etc, with levels tied together by a visual novel style narrative. (So only the genre is changing, not the underlying theme, story or characters.)

Other than myself, the other two current members of the Battlesuit team are Anthony and Noah. I'd like to get at least one more Artist on board (for anime character design), and maybe one more general programmer/designer/artist/sound engineer etc. If you're interested, please shout out! And if possible, I'm going to be posting daily web-playable builds to my public dropbox, so you're all invited to be play testers (even if the game is likely to be broken for most of the month!).

My ultimate goal for the month is to produce a 12 level "shareware episode", though at minimum it'd be nice to get a 4 level "demo" done. The plan is to develop the levels in linear order, and hopefully as we go the media and code we develop for each level will lessen the time required to create the following one (kind of a snowball effect). Offering a level editor to the end user would also be a nice bonus.

Although I haven't started direct work on the game content, I have been doing a fair bit of planning, as well as some development of an extremely light-weight tile editor for the game. Stay tuned.