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Battlesuit NaGaDeMo Dev Diary: Day Minus Two

Only a couple of days left before NaGaDeMo starts! Things are about to get hectic again. I'm not going to give up entirely on entertainment over the month, but I'll make sure what I indulge in is "research" for the project (namely, Giant Robot Animes and Turn Based Strategy games - I've already started playing People's General again), and I will need to cut all other luxuries to a bare minimum. If I'm not doing paid work or anything else that absolutely needs to be done, I should be working on the project.

Starting to organise bit of a local meetup for fellow NaGaDeMo-ers somewhere in central Auckland, so we can have bit of a jam as it rolls around to Midnight, June 1st. Other than that not much to report, I'm still toiling away on the plans etc. Things are starting to come clearer as the start date approaches, I'm glad I had bit of an opportunity to plan things out before diving into it this time.