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Derelict Dev Post #13

Alright, time for the obligatory Derelict update

In this screenshot here the slightly Giger-esque aliens have torn down a door and are advancing on our team...

Wait? They can tear down doors?

Yes, that's right. You're not safe anywhere in the game anymore. The aliens will mercilessly hunt you down and rip you to shreds. Other then that I have largely been focusing on fixing complaints about the last Derelict alpha - such as an improved tutorial system, more logical menus, easier aiming, the ability to destroy doors (IE, knock them down completely instead of just damage them) and the addition of 'survivors': marines found around the ship that can take the place of fallen comrades.

Regarding the semi-public Christmas release, it is nearly done except for the three extra levels that need to go into it (hint hint, Philip and Sam). Keep an eye out next week for it.