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Derelict Dev Post #17

Well, time for another update!

What we have here in this screenshot is an email terminal, which you can check on just about every level to follow the storyline (though this is completely optional, its not like that pathetic thing in Doom 3 how you had to listen to every PDA to find out the locker codes). I have also done an update to the game, available for download here. Special thanks to the awesome Max Penguin for becoming the official Derelict host.

The new version isn't dramatically different to the last version, but includes a new level and quite a few minor updates to make the game more playable. The next new version will be a major update, including a total of 12 levels and will be released on or about Easter Monday. I also got to see Cloverfield last week and that has given me further inspiration for the game. Stay tuned.