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Derelict Dev Post #18

Time for an update!

Okay, since the last screenie there have been two major additions. The first is that the explosives expert no longer carries C4 but instead has a hybrid rifle/grenade launcher instead (kudos for Mark for specifically updating the model for me). I did that because its easier to manage then the somewhat awkward C4 and its also more satisfying to use to blow stuff up.

Secondly, you'll see a list of commands down the right side of the screen (the list isn't finalised yet and will probably be revised or added to) which have been designed to make managing your squad easier. The hold command forces all of your men to stay still until told otherwise (useful if you sense your men are about to walk into a trap, or you want them to wait until all orders have been handed out), the follow command tells the rest of the squad to follow you until told otherwise (extremely useful, saves a lot of mouse clicks if you want everyone to walk to the same place) and the cancel orders command immediately, well, cancels everyones orders. Note that these commands are not meant to replace the existing commands but to complement them.

The demand for the new squad commands came from a post I made on the System Shock 2 forums (here) and, as well as other feedback, has been extremely useful with refining the game. Unfortunately the new changes won't be released this weekend because I will be away in Coromandel, but I am hoping to release a new version of Derelict, with lots of tweaks and updates, in the next week or two. Watch this space.