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Derelict Dev Post #21

There's not much new to show in this screenshot except this low poly couch. I put it together in a couple of minutes in Cartography Shop, I am definitely going to have to put more furniture and such around the place to make the ship feel more lived in.

I have been mainly tweaking, polishing and bug fixing the game, not a lot graphical has changed (except the alien pods that they spawn from are actually in the game instead of just being invisible). I have changed the game dynamic somewhat - the aliens are more numerous and practically sprint, however they are far more vulnerable to gunfire and will drop in a couple of hits.

I guess this has made the game marginally harder and since it was already far too hard for some I will definitely put in difficulty settings for the next release. So, yeah, nothing too radical since the last couple of updates, just minor improvements to make the game better.

Starting this Saturday I will be on holiday for three weeks, so you can expect the progress of Derelict to slow down, however I will keep up the weekly posts.