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Derelict Dev Post #22

I haven't had access to Blitz Basic for about a week but I have done some minor changes since the last update, check it out:


Two new features are demonstrated in this screenshot. One is the eight directional pathfinding, making it easier for AI marines (and aliens!) to find their way around the ship. The second is context sensitive menus with two options, selectable with either the left or right click. I have been making an attempt to give the player more flexibility with AI commands (here the player can easily choose to make one marine follow another marine) while keeping the interface simple. In short, giving the player more control without more complication.

I am starting to run a bit behind schedule with Derelict. The 0.50 version is due out in a month and I am well short of the features I intended to have put in at that time (such as another six levels and a second boss fight) however I am confident I can catch up and get ahead in the next week or so. Stay tuned.