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Derelict Dev Post #23

My Derelict Dev Posts are getting later and later and I know it - I will try to catch up soon. Here is the new shot:

This is a cocoon pod that spawn the enemy aliens. This wasn't recently developed, its been in the current (unreleased) build for a couple of weeks now but I haven't posted a screenie of it until now.

The next few things that I will look at are:

  • An improved menu system with more options, such as volume and brightness
  • Difficulty levels, including easier ones where being attacked from behind isn't an instant death
  • A complete reworking of the command screen (where you zoom in on the map to give orders) that may include mini-screens of what every marine sees.
  • Some rudimentary voice acting (think the standard amount of dialogue for soldier units in RTS games) this will help lay the groundwork for more complete voice acting which will include indepth multiple personalities
  • More furniture and background objects
  • More levels which follow themes more closely then the existing set of levels