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Derelict Dev Post #32

I have actually been putting in a fair bit of time working on Derelict, and this screenshot shows off some of the stuff that's new.

First off, the screenshot is in glorious 16x9 WIDESCREEN. I haven't posted any screenshots in Widescreen mode since back in Dev Post #7, because I finally fixed the problem where Widescreen display would chop the top and bottom off the GUI. Knowing how some people are picky about Widescreen (Bio-Shock) I thought I should make fixing that a high priority.

This level here is the Briefing room of the Atlas, and is mostly complete. It isn't the longest level but it requires some clever playing to get through. It is my design however the checkerboard ceiling/floors idea I stole from Sam. There is a very nasty surprise on this one so playing through it extremely carefully is essential.

If you look closely at the doors you'll see that they're different. They're now split horizontally through the middle (on a slight angle) and make a nice "woosh" sound when they open, and they open much faster too. I never really liked the old bulky doors anyway. Only real downside of the new doors is i've had to do away with that nice effect for knocking doors over.

Also if you look closely you'll notice a bunch of dots on the left. Its actually an email displaying on a screen. It is actually readable enough if you're close to it, basically I decided that I didn't like the email interface much and instead of re-working it, I just got rid of it. Plus I found it slightly distracting being taken 'away from the game world' to view an email. The screen objects are also much bigger now, not only to make it easier to read the email but so they can be connected in a line, the screen on the right hand side is actually three screens put together.

Other then that, i've just been working on basic bug fixes and such. I again improved the framerate for levels with lots of enemies (mind you the game always ran slick on my brothers desktop PC, but I want to ensure that Derelict can be played on a wide variety of semi-modern computers).