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Derelict Dev Post #37

Okay, first off, the bad news. For a long time I had intending to include 24 levels in the final game, but recently I made the decision to chop it back to 20. It's not a decision I made lightly, but I think Derelict would benefit if I spent more time improving the quality of the existing levels rather then producing new ones. Also, I will make the level editor available for anyone who wants to develop their own.

Just recently I have started working on the distant exterior of the space ship. You already could see the exterior of the levels, but the levels alone look nothing like the space ship itself and give the impression the ship is rather flat. This is still a work in progress, but I think the effect is kinda cool. And I added blinky lights too.

Also I have started making the marines all look different. The face in the screenie is mine - don't ask me why a marine would be wearing sunglasses and have facial hair! My goal is to have the marines unique enough to be instantly recognisable, but similar enough that they still look like they're part of the same unit.

Feedback is still coming in slowly. Thanks to everyone who gave it a thumbs up on the various places I posted it. However I would really appreciate getting emailed the feedback forms that come with the game. If you do that you can be credited as an official playtester, so the world can know you helped me with the game.

Two weeks left to go. Stay tuned.