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Derelict Dev Post #9

As I said before, now I am starting to develop the technical functionality. I have finally implemented pathfinding in Derelict so it is possible to command your troops to walk anywhere in the map. I have also expanded the GUI to include all of the squad icons, highlighting the currently selected soldier, and displaying health.

The screenshot above demonstrates that I have commanded the Heavy Assault trooper (icon highlighted) to walk to the other side of the small level, and that the Medic and Demolitions expert are both deceased.

In other news, a very scary mostly ambient soundtrack has been developed by Samuel, a fellow attendee of the Auckland game works meeting. You can listen to the track at the bottom of the page here. I feel that Samuel has done an excellent job with the sound track, especially its utter ambiguity so you don't have any idea what's actually going on around you! Is it an alien stalking you or just your paranoia? The heavy breathing in the soundtrack has also made me want to try and develop oxygen masks for the marines... the music is in the current build of the game as well as misc sound effects (gunfire, footsteps and screams mostly)

Stay tuned next week for the very special Derelict dev post 10#, which will contain a retrospective on the entire project thus far.