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Derelict on Youtube

Youtube user zanguusu has done a series of videos on Derelict, starting from the beginning tutorial mission and going until the first boss. I was quite stoked to see them there!

You can watch them online here. I'll need to ask him how he recorded them so I can do my own trailers. I think I can also study them to see what I can do better with the next release of Derelict, for instance I haven't noticed him using the map-view, should I have made it more obvious that there was one?

I did a fair bit of work on the codebase for Earok Engine/Derelict tonight, the code that generates the bumpmapped walls has been completely extracted from Derelict and re-written in the EE. Next I'll be focusing on extracting the code that renders the walls, so the Earok Engine will be at the state it could be used to make other FPS games with 90 degree architecture (Wolfenstein, Dungeon Master clones etc).