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New Derelict Beta

Feedback for the beta version is starting to trickle in, thanks especially to Matt Gatland and Philip Truax for their exceptionally helpful feedback.

A revised edition of the 1.2 Beta (version B) is now available for download here.

Bugs fixed

  1. Enemy animation
  2. Misc sound issues
  3. Bug that stopped the map from displaying on some computers (Game would be virtually unplayable without this!)
  4. Walls don't clip as badly
  5. Defaults to fullscreen instead of windowed

New features / changes

  1. Getting attacked from sides/behind no longer results in instant death, and you have a chance to fight back. This should make the game more "fair".
  2. Screen turns red when you're under attack, should make it clearer when you're being attacked from behind!
  3. Rifle sound isn't as muted
  4. Drawing distance has been extended
  5. Maximum detail level is now 20

It's still in beta as there are a few more unresolved issues to deal with. If you're still playtesting it, I recommend downloading the new version and extracting that over your existing copy (save games and configuration files won't be overwritten.)

Thanks again for everyone who has taken the time to help me with the beta.