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Global Game Jam Update 2#

Just another quick note. 17 hours to go until upload time. I'm tempted to stay awake until it's done. The game is called "Eat or Die" and is about tiny people who compete or co-operate to stay alive fighting over food in an endless kitchen. Just decided to stop wasting time with Unity's physics engine, I definitely can't get the feel right with that so I'm going to have to fake it.

Joshua has already finished his entry, despite missing half of the first night due to a Dresden Dolls Ninja Concert. It's a game where you participate in an insult match with a computer AI, using actual (and surprisingly accurate) voice recognition. It really is just as awesome as it sounds.

I didn't end up working with any of the Noah More Heroes team again. Shame, but the ones that came by have all gone on to other teams. 

Okay, better get my ass back into it.

Edit: Okay, frankly the game is not working, I've been talked into completely re-tooling it using the strengths of the current prototype. Stay tuned.