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New Heart of Ice tech demo

Another day, another playable in-your-browser tech demo for Heart of Ice

Edit - Moved to here

Cursor Keys to move Thalia, WASD to move Algernon. Plus/Minus to Zoom. C to switch Camera mode (Thalia only, Algernon only or averaged).

I don't really know what I want to do with Heart of Ice. Even if it's one of my lesser games, I don't want to just abandon it, and there is a few things I really want to add (Two player, at the very least). It's not really worth updating the downloadable copy as it hardly ever gets downloaded. And, while making it web based would certainly get it more plays, it'd feel pointless if the Monkey port was downgraded too much from the original.

I wasn't really that happy with how the last tech demo felt in comparison to the original game, so I tried to fake a dynamic 3D camera. Feels kind of like SNES Mode 7, don't you think?

My main worry is about how it doesn't quite "feel right". I'd hate for the game to give Wolfenstein headaches.

I know this demo feels a bit slow (If you've got IE9, it runs fastest in that) but overall I'm pretty happy with it. Runs slicker in Flash, and perfectly smooth in native C++. I'll think some more about what I actually want to do with the game before I resume work on it.