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Garbage Collection 1: Crap Flight Simulator 2

Every Friday for at least the next two months (!) I intend to brush off one of my older, crappier, unfinished and possibly unplayable game projects, for public release to anyone who may be interested. Here is the first entry: Crap Flight Simulator 2


Crap Flight Simulator 2 is a barebones Flight Simulator I made as my first ever Blitz3D project. Despite being new to the language, I managed to build most of the engine in a day, which surprised me because what I accomplished was far greater then anything I had ever managed after months of toiling in DarkBasic. Obviously, I was immediately convinced to switch. Most of the art (Including an original F/A-18 model) was provided later by Mark Harper, who later built the gun models in Derelict.

I was hoping to take the basic concept and flesh it into an action Flight Simulator (similar to Strike Commander) but that never panned out. There isn't really much to do in the game except for fly around, land and try not to hit anything.


Pitch: Cursor up and down
Roll: Cursor left and right
Yaw: < and >
Throttle Up: A
Throttle Down: Z
Camera: F1-F4


The game can be downloaded from the Garbage Collection page or here.