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Garbage Collection 2: GunCat

Time for the second unfinished game for the Garbage Collection: GunCat.



A few years back the Auckland Game Works team were collaborating on a game called GunJet, which was meant to be a StarFox styled shooter and our first game. Unfortunately for various reasons the project was never completed, and we ended up making The Kiwi's Tale instead.

GunCat is a tech demo that is an absurdist parody of GunJet (Allegedly developed by AGW's German rivals) that I whipped together in a day or so to demonstrate the viability of porting the project from C++ to Blitz3D.

I brought some of the art and sound across from the GunJet project, unfortunately the title screen features some of the worst anime art ever attempted (I take the blame!). The game itself, despite only being one level long, is actually reasonably challenging and playable. It might not be 'fun', but it isn't hard to see how it could be with a bit of work. Except for the final boss (See if you can recognise him) the 'enemies' in the game are tributes to early shoot-em-ups.

It's possible that I might one day turn GunCat into a fully fledged game. The basic concept is that the GunCat was a catgirl robot made by aging Japanese professor (For less than morally sound reasons) who becomes the Earth's last hope against an invasion of giant insects. Doubt I'll ever get around to it though!


Move - Cursor keys
Shoot - Space bar


The game can be downloaded from the Garbage Collection page or here.