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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #10

The Shark and Stingray, the two underwater villains featured in the New Zealand story remake, were added into the game on Sunday.

Stephen worked on the artwork while I coded them in; the behaviour code isn't fully there (they don't do anything but swim left and right) but they're still a nice touch to have in the game. Other then that, Stephen, Josh and I have been tweaking and fine tuning our levels. Stephen has also been churning out some great backdrop artwork, while I have been tackling a few bugs here and there.

Over the next week I'm going to focus on adding the boss and arena levels to the game (two each) as well as doing some graphical refinements, such as adding an animated intro screen, and maybe even working on the final credit cutscene.

I am aiming to have the game at a final beta stage by either next Sunday or the Sunday after it; leaving at least a week for beta testing. We may not get the planned 16 levels done by the time of the competition but we're certainly not ruling out a more complete post-competition release. Less then a month to go! Time's a getting short and there's still a big backlog of things to do, but the game is looking better now then it ever has before. Stay tuned.