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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #11

Two screengrabs from Stephen showing his new Tokoroa level in action. It's a rather vast level divided up into four quadrants, and it very closely fits the mould of the original game. It also has some quite nice graphical touches (such as saw-blades instead of the cliche spikes you see in too many platform games). S

tephen has also been doing quite a bit of work on art assets and additional levels recently, Josh and Matt are polishing their individual levels and I have been adding new features to the codebase while trying to squash old bugs. Stephen also informs me that he is talking to a sound engineer about getting new sound effects to replace the Atari 2600-esque ones that are in the game currently(!).

A bit of news came in a few days ago, the competition deadline has been extended by a week to December the 13th. While this means we won't get a chance to play the competition entries for another week (Personally I'm most looking forward to the remakes of Bruce Lee and the other one of Raid Over Moscow) this will give us a chance to polish, refine and add more content to our entry.

Even though the deadline has been extended, we have been aiming to produce a final beta version by the end of this weekend. After having meeting with the guys I'll do a blog post on Sunday evening (Sunday morning for almost everyone who lives West of Asia) that will contain a download link.The download will have a playtesters form for anyone who would like to contribute to the game.

Note that this won't be the complete game, we're likely to be adding new levels, enemies, weapons, vehicles and secrets right up until the day we upload the competition version. Even then, we're probably likely to do a non-competition version later (possibly with Mac compatibility and multiplayer)