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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #3

I'll confess and admit I haven't been working on the game as much as I should have been. I was in Dunedin between Tuesday and Friday on a Conference and over the weekend I've been really ill (Still not 100%). Regardless, some major progress has been made on the game. Firstly, Stephen came up with the list of objects we're going to have in the game and integrated them into the tileset. That allowed me to program the engine to load objects into the correct positions, such as the placeholder Balloon pictured and the letter bubbles (Yes we know 'EXTEND' has no A or O, but now the bonus word is 'AOTEAROA') Secondly, coding for the vehicles has started to be developed. Collision-detection is a bit glitchy (due to the weird-as collision mechanics of the original), but it's functional and we're getting there. The new Kiwi (cheers Stephen) is still an early work-in-progress but it resembles the concept we're after, which is a grown up version of 'Tiki' from the original (who now looks more like a Kiwi then a Chicken). Oh, and that cartoony background was my (lame) attempt to rotoscope some NZ Scenery. Over the next couple of weeks I'll add basic enemies and other bits-and-pieces, we may even be able to churn out a bare bones alpha demo in a fortnight.