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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #8

Other week, another update:

I have been working hardcore on the engine all week. Notable additions include enemies riding balloons, enemies spawning from portals, enemies with weapons (like sheep with backpack lasers and hedgehogs that fire spikes!), a far larger range of Kiwi animations (Stephen drew all the animations about a week ago, I have only just got around to adding them to the game). And yet, theres -still- crap loads more on the engine to be done.

I can imagine myself programming the engine every day until the competition deadline; I had been planning to contribute a few levels to the game but now I honestly don't think I have time.

Fortunately Stephen, Josh and Matt have been doing some good looking levels that are unique in their own way and have great potential. They also compliment each other well. Stephen's levels are wide open areas that closely resemble real NZ landmarks, featuring tricky jumps and ballooning action. Josh's levels are a visual mish-mash of 8/16-bit platformer styles (taking cues from Wonderboy and Sonic) with vast tunnels (including submerged ones). Matt's levels are fiendish with enemy ambushes and spike lined mazes, featuring outdoor areas and tight corridors, very much in the spirit of the original game. Cam has started working on his own levels but it is still too early to see how they will turn out.

The game is really starting to take shape. It is still very rough though, a lot of hard work is still needed, but if we can stay at this pace we should beat the deadline. Only five weeks to go. Stay tuned!