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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #9

New this week are a few bug fixes, a configuration menu (for volume control, fullscreen, controls etc). I have also been experimenting with "Arena" levels (pictured) which is intended to be a sort of bonus stage, it effectively works as a shoot-em-up where you have to just keep shooting things to stay alive.

Actually, there hasn't been as much done on the game this week as there was last week. Things have been distracting me from working on the game (such as working till 1:30am one night!).

So, yeah, not really a whole lot to report this time. I realise that I need to manage my time developing the game much better. Instead of just working on it whenever I feel like it, I should consistently work on the game at the same time for every day for at least an hour. There's barely over a month left to go so I better get cracking.