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January Retrospective, February Project Goals

January Retrospective

  1. Got my first ever paid work as a game developer, details are still hush-hush at the moment but the project was to port an old Blitz3D indie game to BlitzMax (so it can run on a Mac). The basic port is complete, and infact is improved over the original (better graphics, more features, less bugs) but I'll get back into it later to refine and polish the product before it goes on sale.
  2. Begun work on the Earok Engine, but put that on hold half way through the month to focus on the above Blitz3D port
  3. Started, completed and published Heart of Ice, my first ever 48 hour Game Jam entry.
  4. Learned the fundamentals of Drupal, and put that knowledge to use developing a new website for Auckland Game Works (still not done, but getting there!)

Overall a pretty good month! If I can stay this productive for another 11 months, I'll have had a very good year indeed.

February Project Goals

  1. Establish a business entity, so I declare my game development income and pay tax on it (sigh..)
  2. Think of a name for the said business entity
  3. Ditch Wordpress, migrate to Drupal on my own page
  4. Reach the first milestone for the Earok Engine
  5. (Possibly) release a minor update to Derelict, built on the Earok Engine and exploiting it's features (like ducking - dynamically lowering the volume of background sound and music during dialogue). It still won't be anywhere near the "final word" on Derelict though.

Lots to do in February, we're five days into it already and I haven't worked on any of my project goals yet! Better get to work.