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The Twitter Archive of Babel, V1.1 Update

New update to the Twitter Archive of Babel:

  • Text is larger and more legible, taking up three lines per tweet instead of two. In addition the start of words, hashtags and handles always starts with a capital letters.
  • By pressing Enter it will add the chamber co-ordinates to the URL bar. This will allow you to bookmark or share your position in the world. For example, you can get to the chamber depicted in the screenshot by going to this link.
  • While the previous version of the world "wrapped around", this one does not. It is possible to go to the very top, bottom, north, south, east or west edge and be blocked from going any further (though difficult to reach any of the edges without teleporting).
  • Can hit the R key to enter a random chamber.
  • Additional layer of ciphering is used to give a more "randomly" distributed world.

I had a little bit of trouble getting this version to work until I completely cleared my browser cache (it appeared to have been caching some of the files from the previous version), if you have any issues please let me know.

Play it here