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What's next?

Even before I finished Derelict I started thinking about other projects and.. I still haven't quite decided. There are just so many game ideas I want to do that i'd never be able to get them all done in a lifetime.

Still, I have decided that I will attempt to produce two more games this year. They'll each be small projects and have relatively short development cycles (two months, being over August-September and October-November). This is my short list of potential projects:

Working title: Airshow!
Genre: Puzzle

A blend of Art and Reflexes, you need to manage an Airshow acrobatic display. Your points increase as you have more planes flying simultaneously, doing different maneuvers, but you lose half your score every time there is a mid air collision (incidently, you get more points for near misses). You can play the game basically any way you want to, you simply have to get the highest score possible within the allocated time limit.

Working title: Blow stuff up xtreme
Genre: First Person Shooter

A sequel/remake to my absurdly pointless game from last year (where you simply had to flatten a Hong Kong type metropolis in a giant robot). This game sees you trashing the whole of New Zealand, from Invercargill to Whangarei, in a mecha piloted by a drunk Aussie. Lots of different weapons and power ups will aid you in your destruction of the nation.

Working title: Luger Me Now!
Genre: First Person Shooter

A restart of my aborted NaziKill 3D project, this is a parody of Wolfenstein 3D and 90's shareware games in general (the game itself will claim to be shareware and will perpetually bug the player to buy the full version - which doesn't exist) Working title: Project Firestart Special Edition Genre: First Person Shooter As well as applying much needed bug fixes to my Retro Remakes competition entry, this will include many other enhancements; such as improved graphics and sound and larger variety of gameplay options (including random placement of objects!). Also I'll put in an effort to make every area of the ship unique and have a purpose, rather than simply have it filling in space.

Working title: Mobile Warfare
Genre: Multiplayer/Action

Atari's "Combat" for the 21st century. You choose from one of four basic vehicle classes (Tank, Anti-Aircraft, Fighter, Bomber) and since each vehicle class has a fatal weakness (Tank beats Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft beats Fighter, Fighter beats Bomber, Bomber beats Tank) you will need to work closely with your team to be victorious. Hopefully I'll be able to support at least 16, if not 32 players simultaneously.

More then one person has suggested to me that Derelict could easily be modified to be a true Space Hulk remake. One even went as far as remaking one of the original Hulk levels with the Derelict level editor. I'm not at all opposed to such a project however i'd only be willing to make coding changes. All art, sound , levels etc would need to be provided by others. (That said - I'm tempted to see if I can make a utility to convert original Space Hulk levels to the Derelict format)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a screenshot of a tech demo I made of my brother's "Prince Mince" idea. I'm not sure if anything else will happen to that because it's really his project - I'm willing to do the coding but he needs to provide everything else, including story, level design and art. What do you guys think? Are there any of these projects you'd be willing and able to give a helping hand with? If not then, which of these projects would you be willing to play when completed?