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Minor update

Been nearly two months since my last blog post. Where does the time go?

There's only been a couple of minor things I have to show in that time. One is a new raycaster engine, which I'm hoping to eventually use for an HTML5 reboot of Derelict. The primary difference between this one and the last one is it's based on 90 degree angles, tiled floors and features smooth transition into darkness. The current build is here. I'm thinking of changing it to be WebGL based, mainly for performance reasons, also to see if I can get some decent shaders working.

The other is I've had a quick play with Spriter, which is an animation tool that was featured on Kickstarter. I took one of Anthony Lau's mecha drawings and attempted some basic animations with it. I'm clearly not an animator but I could definitely see the massive potential it has for bringing drawings to life.


Also, apologies about the crude gestures! I was having way too much fun.