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A new direction for Earok.Net?

The other day I happened to stumble upon "Web sites that suck", which has an annual award for websites that are truly, pathetically awful, like this one (Open if you dare, it is safe for work, but shockingly awful in its design).

They also have a list of the biggest mistakes in web design, and, I have to admit, reading through that list has made me have serious doubts about the current way this site is set up.

Not so much with how the site looks; I generally get positive feedback about that, one person going so far as to refer to it as "almost professional" (thanks to the really cool Drupal theme I picked). However I have made some serious mistakes with the actual content and layout of the website.

This website is very "me" centric. The home page of the site is my personal blog. On the menu bar there is a link to both an 'About' page and a 'Contact' page. There are also links to my games, and the image link shows some screenshots and photos of mine.

But it should not be "me" centric, it should be "you" centric. It should provide a service for the overwhelmingly high proportion of people on the Internet who don't know or care about me. The service I can provide is access to the games that I have helped make, so that should be the primary focus of the website.

Also, I think there is a lot of good game-design related content on the site: Advice, reviews of free content creation tools, interviews with Indie game designers, useful articles posted on other websites and so on. But I haven't done many of these sorts of posts recently, and whats more this content isn't advertised or easily accessible (unless you already know about it and go digging for it). It needs to be presented in a logical fashion.

So, I'm planning to have a major re-arrangement of the menus and content of this site to be more interesting and useful in general. I have some ideas, but I can't quite piece it all together yet. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.