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Part of the reason why it was so crazy for me to take on ScriptFrenzy, is that simutaneously I took on an experimental Drupal project. is the brainchild of Simon Verbiest, an avid XBox 360 fanboy who was sick and tired of getting p0wned by foul mouthed Americans with better ping times. XBox Live doesn't make it easy to set up games against previously unknown local players, so his idea was to establish a site to allow XBox 360 owners to find and play against gamers in their local region who are into the same games that they are.

The original site was done in .NET, and the first thing I thought when seeing it was "Hey, I could do this in Drupal". It's certainly not the first site that's been ripped off in Drupal - Drupal developers Lullabot demonstrated how to make a free Drupal clone of Basecamp (a pay site) way back in 2008 - so I thought I might give it a shot. I let Simon know my intentions (Purely academic, I had no desire to compete with him) and we ended up deciding to bless the Drupal clone as the official version. So, it's now live.

There isn't much to see at the moment, but I'm cautiously optimistic the site might grow into something bigger and more useful.