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Drupal and stuff

Sorry about the recent lack of updates!

I have been busy recently with a new project, though it isn't a game. Details are hush-hush at the moment, and the concept still needs to be approved, but what could come out of it is a potentially huge Drupal community site. Hopefully I can post something soon.

I probably have spent a lot more time this year working on Drupal projects then game projects, and a lot more time learning Drupal skills then extending my game development ones. I have even started attending local Drupal meetups, the one I went to yesterday had professional Drupal developers with 4+ years of experience under their belts so IĀ got a great deal of new knowledge out of it.

I have been thinking that perhaps I should change direction with my site as well, and add a 'Drupal' section for articles that I write and find on the web. Obviously, I am now a very staunch Drupal advocate and would love to help out with promoting and teaching it to anyone who will listen!

That doesn't mean that I am giving up on game design, but I am putting it aside until at least my current Drupal project is out of the way and I can actually find the time to learn Ogre!