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Quantum of Solace demo impressions

Goldeneye 007 wasn't just a fantastic Bond game, it was one of the greatest games ever made. Unfortunately the following Bond games from Electronic Arts were a mixed bag; "Everything or Nothing" was mostly pretty good, whereas "Goldeneye: Rogue Agent" was a terrible FPS that was a shameless attempt to cash in on the name of the original.

So when I heard that Activision had picked up the rights, I was hoping that they may finally get the game series back to its previously lofty standards. The demo of the PC version of Quantum of Solace was released today. It can be downloaded here.

I have to say, honestly, I'm disappointed. The 700mb download consists of a single level. The scene opens in an MI6 Safehouse, a bomb goes off, killing someone (I'm speculating its supposed to be Mr White) and you have to chase after the assassin through some tunnels, shoot a few guys, chase him some more and then that's it. The whole demo.

It wasn't until the gunfight in a flooded room that I noticed something peculiar. All of my health nearly instantly heals itself if I'm not being shot at. I freaking hate games like that. "Goldeneye: Rogue Agent" was exactly like that. There was almost no challenge, you just hide whenever you get hurt and then you're back in the game. No conserving health, no hunting for first aid kits or body armour, nothing like that. And if you die, it isn't back to the start of the level, it's just back to the previous room. There's just no tension at all.

The game, at least this short demo, seems extremely linear. Whereas Goldeneye just dropped you in a level and left it to you to explore and complete it your own way, Quantum of Solace appears to march you through a sequence of scripted events. It really feels more like a movie then a game. I'll probably buy it anyway, as it is James Bond, but I really expected something better.