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As a total nerd I found it really funny. Thanks to Arran for sharing this.


Derelict's new GUI

One of the main areas of focus for the Earok 2011 Collection update of Derelict is the GUI. Take a look at the old version:

Asides from the general ugliness, the problem with this version primarily the clutter. Total information overload with numbers and text everywhere. So here's the solution I came up with:

I redesigned the GUI more or less from scratch, and Cobra gave the new icons a graphical overhaul. Blue bar represents your ammo, green bar represents your health. Much easier to see at a glance if anyone needs attention, than having to read all ten values (Also, the bars flash if you have low health/ammo). The icons that command your team are on the left, and the icons that control your current marine are on the right. Although each icon lists the Key required for that command, the shape of the icon is also representative of the required button on the Xbox 360 controller.

Angry Birds: The Cake

This is footage of the unofficial Angry Birds port to, er, birthday cake. It's playable, even. Pretty awesome.

Multiplayer Derelict

A mate and I played through about two-thirds of Derelict in two player mode today. It's still very glitchy, but now playable to an extent. Just my thoughts on the experience so far.

  • As previously noted, the tactical elements of the single player game have been taken out of co-operative to streamline the experience (The two player characters possess most of the abilities of the previous five man squad between them).  So far, this seems to work very well, except..
  • With only two characters, the total amount of available firepower has dropped considerably, and made boss fights insanely difficult. The compromise to this situation was to leave other "Red shirt" AI marines in the level. They can't be directly controlled but can be made to follow either of the player characters.
  • The co-operative mode marines come back to life a period of time after they've been killed (Except when both die at about the same time, the level restarts). Again this is to lessen the difficulty of having a smaller squad, also I think it's more important to keep the 'flow' of a game going in co-operative mode than to challenge the players.
  • Except for a variety of glitches (Most annoyingly, some major slowdowns in certain levels) the game is pretty good in multiplayer. If it works out well, an online version may come in the future.

Earok at Overload

Overload is the upcoming Auckland expo for local manga/comic artists and fans. The last few years have been brilliant and this promises to be the greatest ever.

This year I have been fortunate enough to secure a two day Gold Table for the event to share with a couple of others. The main purpose of me getting a table to promote the site and my games by selling cased CD copies of the upcoming Earok's Arcade 2011 collection.

All of my games include a lot of content authored by others, which is the main reason why I am writing this post. I don't plan to exploit the work that you've generously provided. The current games on the site are free and will continue to be free, the cost I'm charging is for the disc/packaging/table and I intend to more or less break even. Technically, the BSD-esque licences that I released the games under don't exclude anyone from selling copies. But, if you do have an objection to me selling games that includes content that you made, please let me know and we'll get it sorted out.

Finally, if you want me to mail you a physical copy of the Earok's Arcade 2011 collection, leave a comment. I'll make sure I reserve at least ten copies for the first people to ask.

Edit - Depending on the availability of power, my table will have the laptop running the whole time. All of my games should have full XBox 360 controller support by then, so I will be able to allow the crowd to play (Unless there's too much foot traffic around the table to allow it, in that case I'll just run a rolling demo).

New Derelict screenshot

Currently, this version of the game is glitchy to the point of near total unplayability. It does have some potential though.

Drone, Part 1

I feel bad for not reviewing this game earlier. I had known about it for months, but never really sat down to play it until yesterday. David Wilson's Drone is not simply one of the best New Zealand freeware titles I have ever played, but one of the best freeware titles I have ever played, period.

The game is a seamless blend of Tower Defence and Arena Shooter. As hordes of enemies attack your Drone from every direction, you can fight back using a variety of weapons (Axes, Machine Guns, Flamethrowers etc) or build a base around you with walls, gun turrents and factories that create other drones to fight for you. You only have a small amount of money to start with, but pick up more from every enemy defeated. You can use a blend of both strategies in the game, though the game encourages you to play through each level using only one strategy at a time.

The graphics are clean, beautifully simple and entirely consistent. There's supposed to be an XNA version of the game on the way, if it ever emerges then Xbox owners are in for a real treat.


Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time presents the ultimate Thanksgiving feast.

Noah More Heroes official Earok.Net launch

The enhanced version 2 release of Noah More Heroes is now out. The second release brings a raft of new changes (Most of them subtle) that greatly improves the overall quality of the game.

It can be downloaded from the official Global Game Jam site or through the games page.

Nordic Game Jam: The Game

In his usual mindblowing style, Cactus has made a game at the Nordic Game Jam about making a game at the Nordic Game Jam. Haven't played it yet, looks great though.

Note the scene with Keita Takahashi isn't really a parody. Except for being rendered in two colours, that's pretty much exactly how his keynote went.