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Game Design Scrapheap #4: April Fools Day special

I was going to celebrate today by announcing my 3D first person shooter remake of "Custers Revenge" as a joke, but I never got around to making fake screenshots. But something far more bizarre is some of the game projects my brother actually started making but eventually abandoned, check them out:

Storm Ye Ogre


I'm not really sure what to say about a game where the menu options are 'achieve' or 'failure'. I think you're supposed to be some kind of military guy on a mission to kill an ogre, except you look like a tree thing with a gun. I blame the involvement of one of his mates.

Chicken Dude: Save The Earth


This was all he made of the game so.. moving right along.

Duck Wars



This is more like it! A Falcon Patrol/Defender-esque game where you have to lead a squadron of Aircraft Carrier based ducks to launch an egg bombing raid on a city occupied by those evil red ducks. Damned commies.

Flying Cow Man: Fly Those Cows



Unfortunately there wasn't actually any game made, just the title screen and opening cut scene, so I'm not really sure what his intentions for it were.

Gummy Man: Vengeance



This isn't the weirdest game I have ever seen. It is the weirdest THING I have ever seen. Some kind of platformer about a gummy man? I'm pretty sure it was mostly done by one of his mates though.

Cheese man: Legendary Sock Slayer



I'm not even going to comment on this one. NEXT.

Prince Mince: Role Playing Game



Hey, this one is actually really cool. In this Zelda-alike adventure game, you play a Princely Pie on a quest to liberate his Kingdom (Pienotopia) from the evil Franklin the Cookie. I don't think any other game illustrates his Pixel Art skill so well.

Jimmy Lee: Who Stole my pie?



Speaking of Pies, here is a game about a blue faced stick figure man on an epic platforming journey to.. find out.. who stole.. his pie?


Anonymous (not verified)

communist ducks? yoink

thats my project now