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NaGaDeMo (National Game Development Month) is just around the corner, and I've signed up for it.

What I'm actually doing isn't entirely certain though! I'm not going to work on an existing game (So Multiplex is on hold - though I could potentially do a Multiplex minigame during the month) and I can't do anything overly ambitious. Any suggestions?

Edit - I'm doing Battlesuit! Kind of. As a straight forward turn based strategy game / visual novel thing.



joshuasmyth (not verified)

I'm quite keen to give this one a go, I have a couple of ideas. But will probably need to find an artist.

Joshuasmyth (not verified)

Actually I'm going to pseudo-cheat, I'm just going to finish the game I'm currently working on. (I've only spent about 10-12 hours on it so far)

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Thanks for swinging by Josh. I'll keep one eye open for an Artist for you.

As far as I know, working on an existing game title is totally allowed for NaGaDeMo, but it might not necessarily be in the "spirit" of NaNoWriMo (which inspired NaGaDeMo). NaNoWriMo generally forbids continuing an existing story, but it allows you to make notes, plot outlines and other preparations - providing all 50,000 words of the story were written during the month.

I'm intending to release a verison of "Battlesuit", a game I've kinda been dabbling with for over a year. Even though I'm already working on notes and tools, I'm intending for all of the code and content in the final game to be done within the month.