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How not to make a fighting game

I was planning to do a step by step list of everything that was wrong with Rise of the Robots, but I found I didn't need to after I stumbled upon a classic Amiga Power review of the game.

Hard to believe a game that sold a million copies across all platforms got a 5% review in what was once a major magazine.

Edit - They forgot to mention that unlike in Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat etc, all of the characters are deliberately unbalanced. This is because the difficulty progression is managed by making the enemies more powerful in order, rather then simply giving them better AI. What's worse is the effect this has on multiplayer - some of the bots Player 2 can choose will have a huge advantage, others a huge disadvantage.

Also, this trailer for Rise of the Robots is unintentionally hilarious.



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Whow that ad was horrible. But at least (visually) it was honest about game play. The audio, however was not.

Sam (not verified)

A futuristic motif proven in focus groups? SOLD!

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Haha, Focus Groups aren't very useful when it comes to game development.

I heard a Focus Group convinced the Atari Lynx team to make the unit unnecessarily large, which meant that it was a long more awkward to carry then the far more compact Gameboy.

I'll write you soon.