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Announcing the partnership of Earok.Net and Videlectrix!

I am very proud to announce that I have received an exclusive contract with Videlectrix to make the next Homestar Runner game.

The Videlectrix Programmers debating the relative merits of developing titles for the Apple IIe versus the Nintendo Wii.
Videlectrix, the makers of "Peasants Quest" and "Stinkoman 20X6", have been very displeased with the treatment they received at the hands of Telltell games during the production of Strong Bads Cool Game For Attractive People. However they have been most impressed with the "Good Graphics" in my previous titles, and so they come to me with a proposal to make a new game set in the Homestar Runner universe. I have gladly accepted.
Prototypical screenshot of "Strong Bad" character driving "Gremlin" vehicle around "Strong Badia" track.
Our first game will be HomesKART RACER, a 3D Racing game in the tradition of Mario Kart. All of the major characters from the Homestar Runner universe will be playable, and it will feature a wide variety of vehicles and weapons from the Homestar Runner cartoons and Strong Bad emails.
Ultra High polygon 3D model of character "Graw Mad"
The game is due for release across all major platforms in exactly one year from today. Stay tuned for more news.


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Incase you didn't get it, April fools!