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The online Spectrum remake that everyone -really- wanted

The Advanced Lawmower Simulator Online (With the brilliant Acronym ALSO)


  • Upto 16 players mowing the same lawn at the same time
  • 12 different characters from other spectrum games
  • 48 different types of broken lawnmower
  • Still just 1 working lawnmower, but this time the working lawnmower is placed randomly in the list to add to the excitement
  • Still just 1 button that does anything
  • 256 unique identical looking lawns
  • Fun and varied multiplayer gametypes, including:
  • Mower tag
  • Mower deathmatch
  • Mower racing
  • Avoid the rocks
  • Mow the flag
  • Timed mowing
  • Find the golden mower
  • Mow the most grass
  • Find the golden mower while mowing the most grass
  • Drink the most beer while finding the golden mower and mowing the most grass
  • Mow dirty words into the lawn and then run away before the owner gets home and sell his mower for 50 bucks and spend it all at the pub
  • Fill the compost bin
  • Seduce the owners lonely housewife
  • Mower obstacle course
  • Wait for the grass grow
  • Mower typing
  • Get petrol for your mower by siphoning from a truck or invading a foreign country
  • Ride-on mower jousting
  • Get bored of mowing and play DooM at your mates house -The mower toss




Anonymous (not verified)

Hey Earok,

I wanted to speak to you about your Traffic Department 2192 project you posted about back in October.

Could you please send me an email at

Thanks, sorry for commenting on an unrelated entry but I couldn't find your email address.