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Goldeneye 007 on Wii

The E3 trailer for Activision's Goldeneye 007 has been leaked to the Internet and can be watched at Nintendo Everything.

Having spent probably well over one hundred hours playing the original Goldeneye (Including marathon multiplayer sessions and getting every unlockable - twice!) I have a strong connection to it and have been craving a re-release. However I am skeptical, as I suspect most are, that this reimagining is anything but a shameless, mediocre money grab.

There are a few questions floating around in my head about the game, which are.

  1. Activision clearly have the right to make a game based on any Bond film, including Goldeneye. However it's interesting to note that the scene depicted at the start of the gameplay section of the trailer came from the N64 game and was not present in the film. Shouldn't this be a copyright infringement? If not, then why not?
  2. Why was the Wii picked as the exclusive platform? (For that matter, why exclusive at all?) Because the original Goldeneye was released exclusively on a Nintendo platform, or does Nintendo have some control of the IP of the original game?
  3. Is the guy in a beanie supposed to be Trevelyan?
  4. How will the fact that the game is set in the Daniel Craig continuity affect the storyline? Will Quantum play a role?
  5. Will the original developers receive credit or royalities from this game? Haha, okay that was a dumb question.


jdeuel (not verified)

They said they completely rewrote the story to feel more like the Craig Bond films, and yes, Nintendo owns some of the rights to the original game which is why Rare had to cancel their XBLA port and do Perfect Dark instead.

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Thanks for that, I had heard rumours about Goldeneye coming to the XBox but wasn't certain what happened. I wouldn't actually mind Perfect Dark on XBLA if I had a 360, I never got around to fully finishing it on the N64.

Heh, actually I think the Goldeneye story was originally scripted with Timothy Dalton in mind, so it's kind of ironic that they're rescripting it again for Daniel Craig.

I wonder if Microsoft regret their purchase of Rare in hindsight, most of the Goldeneye talent having already left to form Free Radical and not much of Rare's classic IP remaining.

Good to see the original Goldeneye screenwriter is back for this one, actually I think I am more interested in how they adapt the story than the gameplay.