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Return of the Triad

I'm not ashamed to admit it - Rise of the Triad is one of my favourite ever first person shooters. Why? Because it features:

  • Unrivalled body count
  • Horrific over-the-top violence (Body parts literally flying across the screen)
  • Machine guns and pistols with limited ammo
  • Creative weapons (Baseball bat that shoots explosive Baseballs)
  • Interesting powerups (Magic mushrooms, and the one that turns you into a dog)
  • Photorealistic sprites (The enemies in the game are made from actual photographs)
  • Unique bosses (Robot with Texas licence plate)
  • Cool Score bonuses (Such as the Republican bonus for taking all rocket launchers and destroying all vegetation, and the Democrat bonus for avoiding handguns and eating all of the Magic Mushrooms)
  • Multiple playable characters with different traits
  • Enemies that beg for their life
  • Moving platforms and springs
  • Deadly spinning blades, poisonous gas and crushing walls
  • A cool sketch if you manage to find a fatal bug

Unfortunately, it didn't sell very well, because it had one fatal flaw - all of the walls are at Right angles. Apparently this was a big no-no for any game released after Doom. It's a pity because otherwise I found it to be a very worthy rival to Doom, and thought of it as being the second best Shareware FPS right until Duke Nukem 3D came out.

So, imagine my glee when the Escapist reported when Rise of the Triad is getting a reboot. I don't think there's any further information yet, but no doubt I'll be posting it here when I hear something.



Joined: 05/05/2009

It's probably when FPS didn't know what to improve inorder to compete so they actually tried to improve everything all at once. Including the wackiness. :) I haven't actually played it all that much but I did enjoy it for it's weirdness. Plus it's a reboot not a sequel, which means that it will probably have a much better thought out story line, what was the story line anyway? (Will it go serial?)

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Joined: 02/06/2009

There wasn't much of a storyline, something about fighting a cult on an Island off the coast of Los Angeles. I think adding much more story then that would be counter-productive to the over the top cheesy feel.

And yeah, the game was fantastic. They must have had a lot of fun thinking up all of those strange ideas.

Joined: 05/05/2009

Or just one or two really out there people. :P Maybe they were just having a lot of fun as they made the game?